Never. Stop. Moving. This girl is gonna test your stamina and KILL your core! You’ll thank her... probably not right away though. Named most moving instructor of 2016 by ClassPass, she is quite literally living up to her title. Abigail has been a fitness instructor for years and is constantly switching it up so you’ll never have the same class twice!  Guaranteed to get your sweat on, you’ll leave Abigail’s class feeling empowered and most likely learn a new badass song or two!


Sh*t you’ll here me say in class:

What the mind believes, the body achieves.

Music preference:

Ladies of hip hop, epic base dropping house, and off the beaten path hits.

Favorite focus area in class:

In class, I like to focus on building a combo and using several songs to add layers to it. Repetition of the combo builds muscle memory, and that key to good form, so a slow burn and build is what I try to aim for!

Motivation style: 

Body < Mind < Soul. If you can, you must to move your body to feel good all around! Especially in the morning (my favorite time to workout) its like a shock to the system! I love using music to enhance the vibe and intention of my classes.