David is the closest thing you'll find to Superman. Fueled by pots of coffee and deep drive to motivate and inspire others, David is the greatest of all time in Austin (#G.O.A.T.).  David is the epitome of the human athlete. If we were to type how many Ironman's and Triathlons he did, they'd be #oldnews by the time you read this. And that's not #fakenews. With a huge background in fitness and self-defense, David brings his superhuman charm and powers to convince us we can do anything.


What's something crazy you've done? 

I can't believe I was able to lead a 800 person cycling class in front of the American Airlines center in Dallas right before the Mavericks played!

Music preference? 

Old school and new hip-hop mixed with the latest dance music!

Favorite focus areas in class? 

It's all about the CORE. If you've been to my class, you know what I'm talking about. 

Motivation style:

I'm the one in your corner motivating you to fight through it and reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

What is your favorite punch or kick to throw? 

Anything on my right side! A hook, cross, and definitely my right round kick!!
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David Garza 2
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