Canadian born Diane prefers to be called, Di, as in, "Lady Di" "Princess Di." But don't let her polite roots fool you. This co-owner of Knockout is also a beast on a heavy bag. Di has been an athlete for most of her life and has a degree in Kinesiology from a college we forgot how to pronouce. She's got the sexy six pack to prove she's 100% a believer in what kickboxing can do for your body. Take her class and you will become a believer as well. 


Sh*t you'll hear Di say in class:

"This is not an easy workout, but guess what? You are making changes in your body right now"

" Don't just tap that bag, HIT THAT BAG"


Music preference:

EDM. Loving TRAP right now


Favorite focus areas in class:

Every time you punch and kick you are engaging your core. Who doesn't want a 6 pack?


Motivation Style:

You get back what you put in. I am here to make sure you push your boundaries.


Favorite punch to throw:

Roll followed with a Left Hook. That is such a power shot!


What is your fitness background? 

I have my degree in Kinesiology and have been an athlete all my life. My favorite sports growing up were basketball and swimming. In the past I have taught spinning, bootcamps and am a certified personal trainer.  I started kickboxing in  2015 and was hooked - I knew it would be a long term sport for me. 
Di boss babe
Di - instructor
Di - high knee
Diane - right hook