Three years after moving to the U.S. from Salerno, Italy, Knockout quickly made Fabio their own European import. With a background in both Muay Thai and sound engineering, Fabio melts these two passions into a workout experience like no other. Each beat of his perfectly curated playlist, accompanies movements deliberate and strong. Fabio puts focus on the importance of proper technique and buildable movements which allows the individual to observe his or her own progression.

While his classes are a real test of sheer physical endurance, you cannot help but feel the seductive quality of fighting for your life. Whether it is the sweat rolling down your body, or the southern Italian accent commanding your foot to “pee-voot,” Fabio is irresistible.

Sh*t you'll hear me say in class: 

4,3,2,1,1,1,1...I am still counting, keep moving!

Music preference  

I collect vinyl records of all types, although I would pick underground dance music

Favorite focus are for class: 

My priority is to have a seamless integration between Muay Thai combos and fitness exercises. Cardio will be high and core circuits will make you tough!

Motivation style: 

I will make you sweat, I will train you hard, and I will make you laugh! In the end it's all about having fun and feeling better afterwards!

Favorite punch or kick to throw:

Roundhouse kicks... all day long!

Fabio kick
Fabio Meloro
Fabio - cross punch
Fabio Meloro