Melissa and Di met in 2013 when they entered corporate America for the same company- in the same week. As young, ambitious females, the two climbed the corporate ladder to become part of the top North American sales team. To escape the office and relieve stress, they became connected by their passion for fitness. Both being aspiring entrepreneurs, they agreed that when the right time came they would go into business together.

After trying several kickboxing workouts around Austin, Mel and Di were 100% into the sport, but knew something was missing. It was still very intimidating to go to an MMA gym, and while they loved the sport, the vibe was unwelcoming. By summer of 2014, both were finding their way around a heavy bag and would meet their personal boxing coach, Fred Ortiz, who is still their personal coach to this day. From the belief that kickboxing and boxing should be available to everyone in a welcoming and inspiring environment, KNOCKOUT was born. 

The two decided to take the hardest sport and turn it into a workout where everyone has the opportunity to participate and get into fighting shape. Taking the kickboxing workout on a heavy bag, adding in pulsating music, dark lighting and incredible instructors - it was now accessible and FUN! The experience will make you feel like a badass.

It was not an easy road but with the support of their family, friends and mostly each other ... KNOCKOUT became a reality. These two Austinite's could not be more proud of their KO team and to be part of this incredible, fitness oriented city. 

Knockout Founders
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Di & Mel