Sh*t you'll hear Jennie say in class:

"If you're not feeling like Rihanna I need you to turn it up right now."
"How do you finish your fight today?"


Music preference:

Kendrick Lamar forever. Dirty South Hip Hop and a good remix with a dramatic beat drop.


Favorite focus areas in class:

I LOVE to get you set up with good movement first. THEN we get to crush some combos. I love to mix combos with conditioning movements. Not only do you get a great conditioning workout, but you'll fly through the punches and kicks like a pro, moving safely and strong. I want you FEEL like a badass by the end of class -- that you fought the fight you wanted to fight, that you got a great sweat, and that you had fun. Let's leave the room feeling on top of the world!


Motivation Style:

A little bit fighter. A little bit quirky. A Whole Lotta heart. 


Favorite kick to throw:

Double Roundhouse Kicks -- It challenges my balance AND my power! 
DSC_0039 (1).JPG
Jennie kick
Jennie - left hook
Jennie roundhouse kick