The energy Jennie emits is noticed immediately. She exudes positivity, levity, and

happiness. The number one rule in fighting, however, is to never underestimate the

opponent. Once that studio door shuts, you are in Jennie’s house and she is in charge.

You listen and you do as she says. Jennie’s ability far outweighs the years she's

designated to practicing Muay Thai. She got to where she is through sheer discipline

and perseverance and these are two of the most important skills she instills in her

classes. Her playlists are badass and provide the perfect mental escape while your

body learns perfect technique through endurance. Her core conditioning promises to be

the absolute hardest part of your day. Suddenly, the class is over and every inch of your

body hurts, but you realize spending that time with Jennie was actually the best part of

your day.

Sh*t you'll hear Jennie say in class:

"If you're not feeling like Rihanna I need you to turn it up right now."

"How do you finish your fight today?"


Music preference:

Kendrick Lamar forever. Dirty South Hip Hop and a good remix with a dramatic beat drop.


Favorite focus areas in class:

I LOVE to get you set up with good movement first. THEN we get to crush some combos. I love to mix combos with conditioning movements. Not only do you get a great conditioning workout, but you'll fly through the punches and kicks like a pro, moving safely and strong. I want you FEEL like a badass by the end of class -- that you fought the fight you wanted to fight, that you got a great sweat, and that you had fun. Let's leave the room feeling on top of the world!


Motivation Style:

A little bit fighter. A little bit quirky. A Whole Lotta heart.


Favorite kick to throw:

Double Roundhouse Kicks -- It challenges my balance AND my power!

DSC_0039 (1).JPG
Jennie kick
Jennie - left hook
Jennie roundhouse kick