Also known as, "Hobar Crowbar" from his fighting days in the UFC. 


Sh*t you’ll here me say in class:

“I’m going to teach you some Jackie Chan sh*t today”

Music preference:

Punk rock, heavy metal, eloquent rap, Indie rock, blue grass/folk, jamtronic.... there isn’t a genre I don’t like. Give me all the music.

Favorite focus area in class:

Teaching people to properly kick and punch effectively as if in a real life situation. Even if you are a fighter or not, proper technique is the key to protecting yourself and having a good workout. 

Motivation style: 

Rocky Balboa’s boxing coach

Favorite kicks in class:

Tornado kick, side kick to spinning back kick, or jumping front kick

What's the craziest experience from being in the UFC? 

I fought a top Brazilian fighter in his home town of Sao Paolo while the entire arena of fans were chanting "you will die" in Portuguese
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