This babe is beauty, brawn and brains! Dr. Ramona von Leden loves to move and was a former D1 college athlete. In grad school, Ramona slipped on boxing gloves for the first time and has not put them down since! She moved down to ATX in 2017, found KNOCKOUT and this badass has pushed herself to instructor status!!

In her class she’ll motivate you to go farther than you ever thought you could. She can’t wait to have you!


Sh*t you'll hear Ramona say in class:

"You showed up, make it count! Seize the opportunity to show yourself what you are made of!”

Random fact:

She holds a doctorate in Neuroscience and spends her days researching treatments for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury… NO BIG DEAL


Music preference:

Hip hop fiend! West Coast, East Coast, Dirty South

Motivation Style:

A bit no nonsense, but empowering. The goal is to support you in finding out just how freaking powerful you are, and motivate you to work to your full capacity.

YOU WILL HAVE GOOD FORM - technique is key to learning how to use your body to unleash your power!


Favorite punch to throw:

“Nothing makes me feel more badass than a big ol' knockout rear hook. All day every day.”